November 30, 2011

The Personhood of a Mississippi Zygote

... by Walter Brasch

"O.K., class, we have a few minutes at the end of today's lecture about how the godless Communists created evolution to try to destroy the decent loyal patriotic capitalist society of America. Any questions? Yes, Billy Bob."

"Mr. Jim Bob, I heard about this thing called a person. What is that?"

"Good question. With all the distortions by the lyin' liberal left-wing, it can get confusing. But, it's really simple. A person is an egg that has just been fertilized by a sperm. We call this young person a Zygote."

"Does it have to be a goat? Can it be anything else?"

"Well, Susie Bob, if you nurture it, that fertilized egg can grow up to be anything it wants to be, because this is the United States of America. And no one has the right to tell us white folks what to do."

"Are there advantages of being a single-celled person?"

"Definitely. Their parents don't have to wait until they emerge from the birth canal to claim them as an IRS deduction. Also, with more persons in Mississippi, we can get more single-cell congresspersons to represent us."

"Then why did our parents vote against the constitutional amendment?"

"It was a close defeat. While those abortion activists voted against the measure, most of the opposition was because us conservatives were worried that the way the proposed amendment was written would allow them liberal types to go to Washington and overturn our states' rights."

"You mean Congress can do that?"

"No, Junie Bob, the Supreme Court can do that. It was a craps roll. You see, there are four decent Americans on the Supreme Court. And there are four who are women, or Jews, or both. And they were likely to say something stupid, like the state isn't allowed to use religious dogma to justify new laws. That would mean there would be a 4–4 tie. We couldn't trust the other judge to do what's right, because he changes what side he’s on all the time. Even our illustrious governor said he had doubts about how broad that amendment was, and what the courts would do."

"But he voted for it anyway."

"He's a politician, Kenny Bob. That's what they do. Next question."

"My mommy says that abortion and wearing condoms is murder, and to protect persons she plans to run down baby-killer doctors when she sees them on the streets."

"Your mommy is looking out for the best interests of the fertilized egg. In that case, the courts will rule that what your mother does is justified homicide. Just like them lynchings your pappies and grandpappies might have done for fun on some hot weekend. It sent a message that we don't tolerate uppity colored people doing dumb things like voting or demanding constitutional rights. Those were meant only for the white people."

"Is slavery still legal?"

"No, Bertie Bob, Mississippi outlawed it in 1995 when we ratified the 13th Amendment to the Constitution."

"Why did it take so long?"

"Well, Martha Bob, you have to understand that decent conservatives just don't go rushing into making important decisions. It takes time to figure out all the issues and their implications. Thirteen decades seemed about the right time."

"I'm still confused Mr. Jim Bob. My pappy says that we got to keep the gummint out of our lives, like not allowing revenooers on our property. Don't all of them laws intrude on our rights?"

"Sometimes, you have to intrude for the good of society. That's why we have laws about who you can and can't marry?"

"You mean, me and-?"

"Yes, Jenny Bob, I was planning to talk to you about you and your brother. Marriage has to be between a man and a woman who aren't siblings."

"So, it's OK for me and Calvin Bob to marry?"

"Since you're first cousins that's OK, just as long as marriage is between a man and a woman, as God intended."

"Is that why we don't like the coloreds and the Asians to marry us? I heard that half the state doesn't want intermarriages and the rest are the colored people."

"What people don't understand, Beauford Bob, is that we made those laws to help the colored people. Before the War Between the States-Praise Jeff Davis and Jesus, Hallelujah!-we allowed white slave owners to have sex with anyone they wanted, as long as they were women. But, then we realized that wasn't fair to the African people, because it diluted their purity. So, to protect the darkies, we didn't have any choice but to forbid whites from marrying anyone with even one-eighth dark blood."

"I heard about this thing called sodomy, which them homosexual and lesbian ladies practice. That's just yucky."

"Indeed it is. That's why sodomy is a felony, and homosexuals can get 10 years in prison, where they can practice deviant. After that, they have to register as sex offenders. That's another reason why the government is allowed into our bedrooms, so they can protect respectable voyeurs from having to participate in such immoral activity. Time for just one more question. Yes, Horatio Bob."

"Mr. Jim Bob, how did you become so wise?"

"I'm a graduate of the Mississippi school system."

[Walter Brasch’s latest book is the mystery/thriller, Before the First Snow, set in rural Pennsylvania. The book is available through,, and other bookstores.]

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