December 08, 2010

Climate Scientist vs Dana Rohrabacher

Don't miss Congressman Rohrabacher showing off his "denalist" credentials against the testimony of Professor Richard Alley. The congressman truly is astonishing in his level of ignorance.

The stupid, it burns.....

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Is NASA now a "denalist"? According to Patrick Lynch, NASA's Earth Science News Team, "A new NASA computer modeling effort has found that additional growth of plants and trees in a world with doubled atmospheric carbon dioxide levels would create a new negative feedback a cooling effect in the Earth's climate system that could work to reduce future global warming.

The cooling effect would be -0.3 degrees Celsius (C) (-0.5 Fahrenheit (F)) globally and -0.6 degrees C (-1.1 F) over land, compared to simulations where the feedback was not included, said Lahouari Bounoua, of Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. Bounoua is lead author on a paper detailing the results that will be published Dec. 7 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters."

and ends...

""As we learn more about how these systems react, we can learn more about how the climate will change," said co-author Forrest Hall, of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County and Goddard Space Flight Center. "Each year we get better and better. It's important to get these things right just as it's important to get the track of a hurricane right. We've got to get these models right, and improve our projections, so we'll know where to most effectively concentrate mitigation efforts."

The results presented here indicate that changes in the state of vegetation may already be playing a role in the continental water, energy and carbon budgets as atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, said Piers Sellers, a co-author from NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas.

"We're learning more and more about how our planet really works," Sellers said. "We have suspected for some time that the connection between vegetation photosynthesis and the surface energy balance could be a significant player in future climate. This study gives us an indication of the strength and sign of one of these biosphere-atmosphere feedbacks.""

The article is here. The science is proving that nature has the ability to adapt just like a previous report from the Amazon rain forest reported. Next, what about the Met's recent announcement about the concern over an even greater greenhouse threat coming from that dastardly evil water vapor? And what of gravity effects on all this additional water. Will land masses actually rise as the ice's weight is relieved?

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