November 03, 2010

Judis foresees a lost generation

John Judis lays out why the election is a harbinger of a lost generation. He opines that the US no longer looks like it can resolve its issues via politics and what we can look forward to is an unstable politics of which Japan showed the way.

Japan had a remarkably stable leadership from the end of World War II until their bubble burst in the 1990s. As the country has stumbled over the last two decades, unable finally to extricate from its slump, it has suffered through a rapid of succession of leaders, several of whom, like Obama, have stirred hopes of renewal and reform, only to create disillusionment and despair within the electorate. From 1950 to 1970, Japan had six prime ministers. It has had 14 from 1990 to the present, and six from 2005 to the present. That kind of political instability is both cause and effect of Japanís inability to transform its economy and international relations to meet the challenges of a new century.

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I think that politics in many countries is suffering because of the current climate. The UK, for example, has also been through a time of change and an unsuccessful period of government. Yet, when change occurs and it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel, there are far too many people just waiting to jump on anything to damage the progress. Of course there's always going to be differing opinions on leadership and the right and wrong way to do things in politics but I also think that instability in government doesn't help, especially in Japan's case where so many prime ministers have been in place in recent years, each with I presume different opinions on the best way to lead the country.

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The great 'O' caves on the many things progressives want and all is lost. Fair weather fans, wow, Feingold still has a link here.

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