October 01, 2010

Global Warming Affecting Walruses

Peter Sinclair explains that the changes in the arctic affect more than just the polar bears. (via ClimateProgress)

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LAS VEGAS -- Jon Ralston, the veteran Nevada political reporter and analyst, has obtained a recording of a meeting in which Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle asks a third-party candidate to quit the race, and promises access to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Jim DeMint if he does so. The recording also makes clear there is no love lost between Angle and the Washington establishment headed by McConnell.

Angle, who is trying to oust Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, made her thus far unsuccessful pitch to Scott Ashjian, who is running as the Tea Party of Nevada nominee. Angle trailed Reid by 1 to 5 points in five polls last month. Ashjian drew 1 to 5 percent of the vote in three of those polls, but he told Angle his internal polling shows him with nearly 20 percent. "I believe you can do some real harm, not to Harry Reid but to me," Angle tells Ashjian on audio posted by Ralston. "I'm not sure you can win and I'm not sure I can win if you're hurting my chance, and that's the part that scares me."

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