September 06, 2010

The Wrong Lessons from History

Krugman notes that those who created the economic disaster appear ready to take the reins again.

And itís slightly sickening to realize that the big winners in the midterm elections are likely to be the very people who first got us into this mess, then did everything in their power to block action to get us out.

But always remember: this slump can be cured.

I find it more than slightly sickening that they are going to have a chance to drive us into the abyss. It's true that this situation is curable, but not when you have the wrong-way gang in charge.

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Why are we in this terrible, terrible state? It is because Goldstein's legions, er, the few Republicans left in Congress, have not properly worshiped the Greatness of the State. (Of course, this assumes that Republicans actually shrink government

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Praying for our country's recovery from these tough economic times.

Posted by: Ron Gatlin at September 7, 2010 09:57 PM

As usual, Krugman is writing without a clue on the politic aspects. The people who ruined the economy have been in charge. They never left. Obama hired them, too, and they kept right on doing what they were doing.

That's the problem.

Posted by: Cujo359 at September 8, 2010 11:41 AM

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(From Rising Hegemony via The Sideshow)

"One member of the DLC's executive council is none other than Koch Industries, the privately held, Kansas-based oil company whose namesake family members are avatars of the far right, having helped to found archconservative institutions like the Cato Institute and Citizens for a Sound Economy. Not only that, but two Koch executives, Richard Fink and Robert P. Hall III, are listed as members of the board of trustees and the event committee, respectively--meaning that they gave significantly more than $25,000."

One more piece of the puzzle falls into place: Koch Industries and a couple of Koch executives are behind the DLC. Rahm Emanuel once headed the DLC. He rubbed shoulders with these conservative Koch kooks. Koch Industries, with its John Birch Society background, infiltrated the Democratic Party through the DLC within years after one of the Koch brothers failed in his Libertarian Party bid, basically, it appears, to turn the Democratic Party into a weak-sister conservative branch of the Republican Party.

Thus, all the Blue Dog Democrat conservative candidates over the years, literally driving a wedge between the Democratic Party and labor unions, undercutting the traditional liberal progressive policies of the Democratic Party, strengthening the wing-nut Republican Party in the process. I had not realized that the vast right-wing conspiracy was so vast, so pervasive, so evil, and so dangerous to our democracy.

It will take more than God to save America from this kind of conservative evil. And we shouldn't look to the Obama administration. It has too many close connections to the John Birch Society-tainted Koch Industries-infiltrated DLC.

Elizabeth Warren to head the new Consumer Protection Agency, even if a recess appointment is necessary? Not if the Koch-controlled DLCers have their way. Why hasn't President Obama used his power of recess appointments to ram his nominees past the obstructionist Republicans in the Senate, instead letting so many nominees (like Dawn Johnsen) die on the vine, both last year and this one? Same reason. President Obama and many of his top officials are in bed with the DLCers-Kochers.

And so many other moves by President Obama now make sense in light of this new information about the DLC-Koch connection. The response to the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster afterward, as well as the Obama administration leaving so many industry-friendly Koch-types in place at MMSA beforehand. Not prosecuting former Bush/Cheney officials for crimes they committed. The relatively weak healthcare reform bill, with no public option or universal single payer making it past the DLC-Koch formulative stage. The Obama administration keeping in place, and even defending, some of the most anti-American policies of the previous Republican administration, keeping alive the "unitary executive" abomination for the next Republican president to exploit. President Obama establishes a "bi-partisan" deficit commission which then veers off into addressing Social Security, even though Social Security adds nothing to the deficit. And President Obama refuses to threaten the use of his veto power if Congress dares to take up the Bush tax cuts by years end, sending him a bill to sign, instead of Congress doing nothing and just letting the Koch-friendly Bush tax cuts for the rich expire. President Obama appears to be up to his neck in Koch.

And just like Koch and the DLCers hanging together, Koch and the Teabaggers hang together, too, making the DLCers and Teabaggers Koch-suckers.

Posted by: The Oracle at September 11, 2010 12:04 AM

There's definitely more of a need for new regulations to be made. Especially with all this talk of shady-campaign practices going on.

Posted by: Bien and Robinson at September 13, 2010 01:00 PM