June 26, 2010

Code Name: Macondo Prospect

The code name for the BP well now gushing in the Gulf is the Macondo Prospect, but today is more often referred to by the name Deepwater Horizon (which is the drilling rig that exploded).

The company tagged this well with Macondo from the fictional town in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude.

One would think that whoever named the well would have thought better of naming it for this town which was the site of such ruin and destruction to the family who founded it.

After its establishment, Macondo soon becomes a town frequented by unusual and extraordinary events. All the events revolve around the many generations of the Buendía family, who are either unable or unwilling to escape periodic, mostly self-inflicted misfortunes. Ultimately, Macondo is destroyed by a terrible hurricane, which symbolizes the cyclical turmoil inherent in Macondo.

How ironic that the explosion at Macondo was created by a company which brought about the terrible situation because of a series of self-inflicted misfortunes.

The Greeks defined arrogance and overconfident pride as hubris and had many legends where the consequence of hubris led to terrible fall: a true nemesis for the perpetrator. So far, the consequences for this act of hubris has not yet inflicted enough punishment on the company or the industry, only the birds, the sea life and the people of the coast. Would there ever be enough punishment for the terrible damage that has been done?

(h/t to Blood Red Sun who called this a true allegory of our time)

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