January 26, 2010

A Public Letter to the Obama Administration

Dear Obama Administration,

I hear you are planning to have a discretionary spending freeze to help rein in the federal deficit.

I have suggestion.

Perhaps you can threaten to shutdown things like the national parks. After all, it worked when Newt Gingrich was running the Congress. But then again perhaps you might want to consider who will get the blame this time?

After all, you all (the Democrats) have all the power with your overwhelming, albeit not filibuster-proof majorities. There isn't a Gingrich holding a gun to your heads (just that damn Wall Street waiting to grab whatever they can). You all are making the decisions of what to cut.



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Bin Laden tapes another msg- germany presents Afghanistan strategy.

I dont know. If I summarize at current, it goes like this:
a)We had 911 as the initial.
b) We had Iraq2 as a supposed collective to unite the western world behind 1 aim.
c) This aim wasnt accepted for example by France and Germany:
d) If I mind, I think certain NWO forces new already in the end of 2001 that most resources would be needed to unite the allied behind Iraq2.
e)Oussama Bin Laden got his free pass back then as an ever luring danger so Iraq2 would appear more useful as counter means. Oussama wasnt killed by the Mountain Rangers and only because Bush said so.
f) The idea that Iraq2 would serve as means to stop Muslim radicalization was a total failure.
g) They didnt catch Oussama in Tora Bora intentionally, because Bush & Co were in danger to have a real intellectual opposition at their asses for example big demos against Iraq2. In fact they needed Oussama as the big bad head of it otherwise being pressed in the role of the bad guys or maybe having some "Muslim Jesus" there who might accuse of illicit measures. They were in fact in danger of bein' grilled by the pope or whomsoever.
h) Oussama's audio tapes since then are the best proof, that he could have founded instead a kindergarten in Saudi Arabia ever since dec 2001.
i) The direct effects of the Iraq war are disastrous, for example a high oil price.
j)I guess the US can be blackmailed by Iran permanently because 100000 men are in danger of bein nuked.
k) This coalition of the willing thing comes down to the US and UK.
l) Iraq2 is a foreign relations joke.
m) They had this Afghanistan conference in 2001.It wasn't even Jalta style, it was more like Helsinki accords(KSZE). Balanced, free and positive. And the only thing they wanted with this 911-Iraq2 combo is that they wanted a short cut. 'We show you there how nice shock&awe works in Iraq and hey, then we do so, too, in Afghanistan.'
o) hey, now this hillarious short cut doesn't exist and our NWOties can occupy the Afghan mountains with 100 nations.
p) in short:they wanted to reform intervention policies and got now a helluva bitch hole disaster.

New (German) Afghanistan-Strategy confuddling
Merkel wants 2 stay, Westerwelle wants to return troops 2011

Not only that the German govt calls in 4 DIFFRENT PRESS CONFERENCES after its talks about the new Afghanistan strategy, furthermore it seems like that it isnt united on one 1 position.

Whereas Merkel wants to raise the number of soldiers for 850 men and Merkel intends to double forein aid 2 Afghanistan, lib dem head Westerwelle explains himself lengthy on a retreat from Afghanistan. It should start by 2011.

Posted by: ccokz at January 26, 2010 06:37 AM

When Reagan threatened the Park Service in the '80s, the Park Service said, "fine, the first thing that has to shut is the Washington Monument. Miraculously, not cuts.

Pres Obama needs to institute these freezes so they do not impact services, just administrative costs or it will be devastating.



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Posted by: Larry at January 26, 2010 04:27 PM

Well, I don't what I has to said. Sometimes our Pres is so afdsdf. What he thinks, or do, no one can predict it. It looks like he just do anything he want to do. I just hopes Obama's did read your letter.

Posted by: Alex at January 26, 2010 10:01 PM

why they can't catch him? can't understand that so many people don't find 1 person... Josh

Posted by: Josh at January 27, 2010 08:03 AM

The "spending freeze" sounds pretty discouraging to me too. There were other ways to accomplish the same thing, so this amounts to catering to Republicans and moderate Democratics (like me). But I don't want programs that sound good but tie government's hands - I would like to see some real action to improve the jobs situation. Haven't seen much of that since the stimulus package.

Posted by: Flo at January 28, 2010 03:51 PM