September 20, 2009

Conservative Healthcare Answers

Kevin Drum summarizes Conservative plans for fixing healthcare by four conservatives written for the LA Times. Since Senator (Dr) Frist believes the problem can be solved by employers offering wellness programs, one wonders what he would do if he had to go back to the real world to make a living. Obviously if wellness programs worked really well, he wouldn't be able to make a living off of cardiothoracic surgery.

The LA Times missed out on providing a true libertarian prescription for what ails American healthcare, but fortunately NPR made up for the lack tonight as they had Congressman Ron Paul to provide his perspective. You won't be surprised to find out the reason we have a healthcare problem is because nasty ole government got involved. In the good old days, church hospitals took care of everyone. If government just got out of the business of Medicare, charity would be more than able to take care of the sick. Well, at least he is consistent. Unlike Sen. Frist who made loads of money of the system and certainly wouldn't do anything to interfere with insurances companies and HMOs getting everything they can from the sick.

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The Republi KLAN party health care plan: MARRY A CANADIAN !!


I have the solution to too much company influence over legislation.
Boycott some of those companies en masse and make them get it
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Boycott Tyson Foods of Arkansas who gave Mike Ross D-Arkansas
$37,000 for his campaigns. Call lobbyist for Tyson Foods Chuck Penry
202 393 3921 and tell him politely that you refuse to buy Tyson chicken
until Mike Ross D-Arkansas the leader of the Blue Dogs on health
care gets the entire house and senate conservative Democrats to help
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Boycott American Express who gave Max Baucus $50,000 for his
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