September 01, 2009

Oooooooh, shiny (but scary)!

The huge wildfire burning northeast of Los Angeles is threatening the Mt Wilson Observatory (the place where Edwin Hubble made the observations that confirmed that the universe is expanding).

Aerial view of Mt Wilson Observatory

Aerial view of Mt Wilson Observatory. [Image: Mt Wilson Observatory Association]

A webcam that Mt Wilson astronomers use to check out viewing conditions has become a way for anyone to determine whether the observatory—not to mention the tower farm that handles a huge chunk of LA's television and cell phone communications—is still safe. Here's the current image at the time this post was written:

Webcam view of LA area wildfire

[Image: UCLA Dept of Physics and Astronomy]

You can view the current webcam image here. (Traffic to the webcam is heavy. Be patient.) More info on the webcam itself is here.

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