August 25, 2009

From under their rocks and into the mainstream

It appears that we may be giving the teabaggers too much credit for the craziness that's been taking place at town hall meetings about health care reform. While many of those disrupting the meetings have undoubtedly been mobilized by the GOP's anti-Obama operation, it turns out that the craziest of the anti-health care zealots (including the woman famously skewered by Barney Frank) are part of Lyndon Larouche's wingnut operation. Yes, the same outfit that claims that the Queen of England is the world's biggest drug dealer.

According to this post at The Lede and this Washington Post article, the Larouchies have targeted health care reform as the vehicle by which they can insert their incoherent worldview into what passes for 'mainstream' politics on the US right. In particular, you can thank Larouche's minions for the Holocaust imagery that the nutcases at town halls have been displaying. (Take a look here, for example. Warning: Strong stomach required.)

You can find even more details in this report from the Anti-Defamation League.

Posted by Magpie at August 25, 2009 02:59 PM | Wingnuts | Technorati links |

I particularly like this quote from your link:

"An article arguing that Obama is not doing enough to protect Americans from swine flu notes, "Indeed, the Obama health-care 'reform' plan, while gutting everything that President Franklin D. Roosevelt stood for, is totally in line with Britain's Prince Philip and Prince Charles, who preach Malthusian genocide, and would welcome a biological holocaust that would wipe out 80% of the human race." "

Ouch. I've been trying to avoid the news from the trenches on health care reform, because I can hardly believe the response. Clearly, however, I didn't understand the lengths to which these people would go. Now the British royal family is being portrayed as evil repressors of capitalism? LOL. Thanks for writing about it, Magpie.

Posted by: Flo at September 3, 2009 03:40 PM