June 01, 2009

Mark Danner & Elizabeth Farnsworth Discuss the Pinochet Investigations

Tuesday at 8pm PDT, KQED will be broadcasting a fascinating discussion where Mark Danner interviews Elizabeth Farnsworth about her documentary, "The Judge and the General," which explores the investigation of Augusto Pinochet's torture state.

Mark Danner and Elizabeth Farnsworth -- In 1998, Judge Juan Guzman was appointed to investigate criminal complaints against General Augusto Pinochet, the president of Chile from 1974-1990. Skeptics feared Guzman, a long-time Pinochet supporter, might turn a blind eye to the kidnappings and possible murders committed under the regime. In her documentary film, "The Judge and the General," director Elizabeth Farnsworth explores Judge Guzman's quest for the truth through two of his investigations. As the truth gradually emerges, Guzman's investigation becomes increasingly urgent, the elderly Pinochet's failing health means he might never face trial. Farnsworth and Mark Danner will discuss the desire for justice even decades after the crime, the manipulation of public perception under Pinochet's rule and the importance of telling the story of the Chilean victims and survivors now. Danner is an award-winning journalist and reporter who has extensively covered Latin America, as well as the Middle East, Haiti, the Balkans and American politics on the international stage. They appeared in conversation at the Herbst Theatre on March 4, 2009.

When I was listening to to this discussion the other day, I found myself encouraged to realize that the crimes of the past can be discovered and exposed even decades later.

You can see the trailer for the documentary here.

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It really is great that crimes of the past can be discovered and exposed so far into the future. Really shows the criminals that they are only one step away from the law!

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Posted by: Nicholas at June 10, 2009 02:36 AM