March 08, 2009

John Yoo: More Shredding of the Constitution

The name of John Yoo should go down in history as one who not only hated the foundations of our Constitution, but actively tried to undermine it.

Many of Yoo's deeply flawed, corrupt, and frankly anti-American rulings which defined the powers George W Bush had have been known for quite sometime.

Indeed, one of the more surprising and depressing facts of our time is that John Yoo continues to have a bully pulpit to spread his treasonous garbage.

Just last month, the Dean for Chapman University School of Law in Orange County defended his decision in bring John Yoo on board thusly:

In a letter to faculty and students last December, Law School Dean John Eastman said “Chapman University officials have received several notes of concern about my decision to offer Professor John Yoo a distinguished visitorship at the Chapman University School of Law.

“I would encourage those who object to Professor Yoo’s appointment here to read his scholarly work on the subject of executive power, and in particular the memos he authored while serving in the administration,” Dean Eastman wrote Dec. 18, 2008. “You will find that Yoo’s position, while disputed, is far from ignorant or disrespectful of the Constitution.”

One wonders whether Dean Eastman's opinion changed when he had a chance to read some more of John Yoo's legal memos where he determined that George W Bush has the power to create a dictatorship within the United States of America.

Clearly, Yoo had no respect for the Constitution or he would never have created such despicable and outrageous documents that transformed the Constitution under which we once lived to documents that supported the same tyranny for which our founding fathers fought against and died to repudiate.

What is it about the right wing that glorifies tyranny, yet professes to love the values of America? It truly mystifies me.

Update: Jason Vest writes that John Yoo once again defends himself and believes that those who revealed his memos are hurting not only him but damaging the ability of others to provide advice to the president. Personally, I'd much rather a lawyer for the President knew he could get in trouble if he advised the President that it was okay to subvert the Constitution.

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