February 19, 2009

Cancun: Yesterday and Today

Some years ago I was in the Yucatan for a holiday in late February around the time the East Coast students had arrived for Spring break. My friend and I skipped out of Cancun as fast as we could get away and took off for Playa del Carman using the local bus system. It was a great vacation and we truly loved getting to meet the people who lived there.

Today that trip would be a lot more traumatic as the drug cartels corrupt the local government and jockey for power. After the latest violence the federal government in Mexico City dispatched troops to patrol the city streets of Cancun and the highway linking it to Playa del Carman. Illegal drugs and the money they bring are responsible for numerous places where corruption, graft, violence, and police state tactics are creating war-zones without ever having to have a war. Think Miami Vice engaging the Cali cartel.

It is a shame that such an ugly vice can be so destructive to the people who are trying to live their lives in peace. And it difficult to eradicate the corruption once it takes hold. Colombia has been trapped in the drug culture for decades. And one can make the point that the American culture has fed its own corruption engendered by the lust for money, power and drugs that are part and parcel of the incessant war on drugs.

I wonder how those I met in Cancun and Playa del Carmen are doing. For them, it must be a terrifying time.

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