February 12, 2009

Backwards History

My goodness, Republicans have a strange sense of history.

First there was Steve Austria (R-OH) who declared FDR caused the depression because he sponsored fiscal spending in 1933. Austria missed the fact that the spending FDR started was in response to a historic depression that started in 1929.

Then there's Karl Rove's perception of history where he says the reason bin Laden stopped using satellite phones was because the New York Times blabbed about how the United States was engaged in secret spying on all electronic communication - email, mobile phones, etc., which just so happened to included the communication of American citizens without warrants. Rove's quote:

"Because by sharing this vital secret, we telegraphed to the enemy: Don't you be sending e-mails, because virtually every e-mail in the world passes through a U.S. network, and we'll grab it.

"Don't you be using a satellite telephone to communicate about your plans to attack Americans or our friends or allies, because we may be listening in.

"Don't be using a cellphone, because we might have found some guy on a battlefield somewhere and gone through his pockets. They call it pocket litter. When we kill somebody on the battlefield, every piece of paper, every document, every item on their body is collected and analyzed, and that information goes into a gigantic database. ... So don't be using that cellphone to communicate your plans because we might be listening in on it."

So how does Rove correlate his accusation that it was because the New York Times "blabbed" in 2005 , terrorists stopped using cell phones to the fact that bin Laden stopped using mobile phones in 1998? He doesn't. After all, who was "blabbing" about the reason bin Laden stopped using mobile phones? Seems like that was President Bush who in 2005 was using this excuse to justify why the US government had to restrict reporters and why it was necessary to spy on Americans.

Either that's some damn good foresight on the part of bin Laden, or it's an example some mighty tall tale-telling by Karl Rove. You decide.

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Since its highly likely that Bin laden has been dead since 2002 and seriously ill prior to 9/11 I don't think it's that difficult to work out who the liar is here.

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Posted by: Bugenhagen at February 12, 2009 03:43 AM

I love how the Republicans like to pin the depression on FDR, it's just ridiculous. The conservatives who have been in power over the last few decades have made us believe that ANY government spending is socialism. That's just not true. This country was built through strong government programs and spending. The conservative myth that all private spending is wise and productive and public spending foolish and wasteful is what has gotten us into the economic mess we find ourselves in today. There is nothing socialist about having a government that serves the people - we live in a democracy, not a socialist state. It's the decline in national investments that has led us to a place where from 1989 to 2006, the highest-earning 10 percent of U.S. households collected over 90 percent of the nationís income gains. Today the top 1 percent of American families receives 23 percent of all personal income, up from just 10 percent in 1979. Corporate executives earn 275 times as much as average workers, compared with 27 times in 1973 (these facts are taken from the downloadable book Thinking Big from the Progressive Ideas Network.

Posted by: Aegean at February 19, 2009 12:43 PM