February 07, 2009

The Stupid Always Say No

I might have missed this incredible exclusive by Michael Bérubé as he interviewed the new Republican head of the RNC if he hadn't left me a comment. I sure don't want you to miss it because it effectively shows how the Republicans plan to beat Obama and the Democrats. It's definitely too bad that it seems to be working so well.

MS: Oh, definitely! It’s what the people want. Look. This is a real crisis for America. The liberal elites of the Democrat party want to bring in a bunch of “experts” who “know stuff” and are going to try to “fix things.” If they succeed, we’re basically done. Kaput. We’ve built this party on a firm foundation: mocking Obama for telling people to keep their tires inflated, giving creationists and flat-earthers control over U.S. science policy, and reminding hardworking men and women that Al Gore is fat. Hey, we’ve even got Joe the Plumber working as a war correspondent, political analyst, and economic advisor. We can’t have voters turning to knowledgeable people in times like these—we’ve got to win back the hearts and minds of Americans, and make them willing to believe, once again, that Sarah Palin knows more about energy than anyone in the United States; that Rush Limbaugh should have control over 46 percent of the federal budget; and that we had to fight the terrorists over there so as not to fight them over here. And that’s what we’ll be trying to do.

Now that's some outstanding snark!

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