January 25, 2009


Sometimes it drives me crazy. You would thing that this information could have been publicized earlier, but noooo. The military waited until the Guantanamo order was signed to give out information about the activities of those who already had been released.

Of course six years in prison could radicalize even those who had not previously been inclined to join anti-US organizations, but we can leave that aside and just point out that the military never bothered to discuss released prisoners while Bush was in office. They really are a piece of work, and their timing on the release of information is a double piece of chicanery. Secrecy for Bush and then publicity to undermine Obama -- I think if I were President I'd be asking them to retire.

Some will feel that the military can be excused because their spokesman was answering an al-Quaida claim that a recent detainee had become a big wheel in the Yemini branch of their organization. While that may be so, the detailing of how many had returned to or taken up activities was almost certainly aimed at current policy. And yet, closing Guantanamo does not mean that the prisoners shall be freed. It means that real courts rather than kangaroo courts will be used to try prisoners.

It also means that it will not be as easy to use illegal interrogation methods in an isolated location. Prisoners may be jailed in many places, and this may be a good thing since it will break up the culture that has grown on Guantanamo. And it will break up the way the military has been able to keep a unified lock on what happens. To my mind, that is a good thing.

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