December 21, 2008


Heading to Portland tomorrow night, if the flights don't get canceled. And this is what I'm heading into.

2008 12 21 002.JPG

And in Santa Cruz yesterday the high was close to 60 degrees.


No doubt I've become a fair weather wimp living in the Bay Area, 'cause I'm not looking forward dealing with the ice and snow.


Update: Portland, Oregon is vying with its namesake for the most snowfall this December by gathering 11-13 inches for December. But Portland, Maine came through as genuine snow state with a total of 14 inches.

Most flights in and out of Portland have been canceled. I'll have to settle for Christmas in the balmier Bay Area. Already I'm feeling warmer, although I'll miss my friends and family who live there.

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Yep -- the Bay Area and FL are the only warm spots. Everyone else is freezing. I think it is 10 degrees here. A good day to light a fire and stay home.

Posted by: Scorpio at December 22, 2008 10:09 AM