December 18, 2008

Oregon Bank Bomb

One of the sadder stories last week from Oregon was the story about the death of two law enforcement officers from a bomb that went off at a bank in Woodburn, Oregon. Woodburn is a small community south of Portland known for its outlet malls, not for the dangers faced in the banks. And in my family, Woodburn is more famous for being the birthplace of my maternal grandmother.

The Seattle PI reports that Bill Hakim, the officer who came to investigate the bomb, most likely died because he thought the bomb was phony. And the reason that he thought it was phony was because he had just been investigating a bomb at the nearby Wells Fargo Branch that actually was a fake. Evidently the practice of planting a fake bomb and then setting a real one in another place has been done often enough that people investigating bombs should be aware of the possibility.

A father and son team, Bruce Turnidge, 57, and Joshua Turnidge, 32, have been arrested and charged with the deaths and aggravated murder charges.

Bruce Turnidge has a farm in Marion County in the fertile Willamette Valley.

So what was behind this violent action? Were they part of the white supremest presence in Marion County?

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