December 14, 2008

Paying for Doing the Right Thing

During the Bush years, many people found themselves compromised by his legal and immoral policies. They found themselves having to pick between their job and security over their sense of honor and their promise to uphold the Constitution. Here's one more sad story of the whistleblower who exposed the government's illegal spying on the American public.

Tamm now is telling his story publicly for the first time. "I thought this [secret program] was something the other branches of the government—and the public—ought to know about. So they could decide: do they want this massive spying program to be taking place?" Tamm told NEWSWEEK, in one of a series of recent interviews that he granted against the advice of his lawyers. "If somebody were to say, who am I to do that? I would say, 'I had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution.' It's stunning that somebody higher up the chain of command didn't speak up."

(h/t W&P)

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