December 11, 2008

Obama Hits it Out of the Park on his Energy Secretary Pick

Wow: incredibly good news today: President-elect Obama expected to select Nobel physicist Steven Chu as Energy secretary

ThinkProgress has a video clip of one of his talks and this guy really gets it. He even used one of my favorite points which is illustrated here:


Note how California's energy usage from the 70's has stayed the same per person despite the fact that California's standard of living is the same or better than most other states. And it's because California invested in energy efficiency.

On MarketPlace Wednesday, David Frum repeated the conservative line that we can't afford to spend money on a stimulus package because we would be saddling the future generation with massive debt. But Dr. Chu very clearly shows with proof points that a dollar invested in this area saves multiple dollars in the future. It is a lie and a fraud to say we can't afford to address our energy problems. Because frankly, we cannot afford not to do so if we want our descendants to be able to afford energy in the future. AND it won't matter at all what that debt would be if we end up leaving them a planet ravaged by global warming.

Dr. Chu is really a spectacular pick.

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So with you, not only on the pick, but on the Frum repudiation. I think the conservative, er, "thinkers" like Frum must be running scared because this next adminstration's policies could represent not only repudiation but actual, tangible debunking of the conservative, low taxes for the wealthy, free market myths that have sustained them for the last 28 years.


Posted by: tres_arboles at December 11, 2008 09:36 AM

Not to mention investing in infrastructure repays us in so many ways. Stronger roads and bridges and buildings along with new jobs kills two birds with one stone.

Posted by: brian at December 11, 2008 12:23 PM