December 06, 2008

Playing for Change


This week Bill Moyers brought back Mark Johnson to discuss his incredible documentary and project called Playing for Change. Johnson's vision and dream is to use music to bind the world in beauty. This Moyers' episode contains shots from Johnson's movie and shows some incredible musicians from all over the world collaborating in making music.

Mark Johnson is using this to also build institutions that can help people in their communities. For example, he is building schools to teach music to young people to inspire in them hope for the future.

BILL MOYERS: What do you hope comes from this?

MARK JOHNSON:Well, I mean, with "Playing for Change", my ultimate thing would be that people understand that in a world with all this division, it's important for us to focus on our connections.

BILL MOYERS: You are starting some schools from this, called Playing for Change, right?

...MARK JOHNSON: And I have never in my life seen something more beautiful when the people came out of their little homes and just started dancing and celebrating this music. And it was almost a form of an exorcism where all the sorrow was gone and they were now filled with all this joy and connection to us and to each other. And so we asked Pokei, as we had all the musicians along the way, you know, "Well, what can we do to give back to your community?

I mean, they let us in their homes. They fed us. They give us their music. They told us their stories in the world. And Pokei said, you know, "The kids here, they really need a music school. They need some hope. They need something that can give them some inspiration." And so just this a couple months ago we went down there with some shovels and we built the first Playing for Change music school in that exact spot. In the backyard.

And now it's a chance for kids to get together, to have something positive to look forward to. And what we're doing with this foundation is we're going build hundreds of schools around the world. And installing them all with recording equipment and cameras. So that people can log on to the internet and they can watch recitals and concerts in the schools we're building, to kind of break down that whole distance barrier.

Today when so much seems to be going wrong, it is such a joy to see what is going right. Please watch this piece and share Playing for Change with your family and friends.

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I want to work as a volunteer teacher in one of Mark Johnson's Playing for Change music schools in South Africa. Please send me Mark Johnson's email address.

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AFP - 1 Std. 37 Min.
Youth and students are still occupying sites of the polytechnical university and sites of the university of economy in rebellious Exarchia quarter in the centre of Athens. the situation escalated further following a protest march counting 5000 activists.

Greek Police is throwing stones

For a lack of tear gas, the Greek police was throwing stones at the demonstrators. This led to further escalation. Autonomous groups and communists announced that they will seek a tougher stance against the police. 500 municipal workers were busy monday morning in Athens to get rid of car wrecks.

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