December 02, 2008

Mitchell Wade's Sentencing Trial

Mitch Wade is one of the people charged with bribing former Representative Duke Cunningham to the tune of $1.8M.

Now years after Cunningham's fall, Wade is coming before the judge to receive his sentence for corrupting a sitting Congressman. Wade is looking for clemency because he's been very cooperative with the prosecution. And how was he cooperative? Well, he's named 5 additional congressional members whom he says he worked.

Here's Seth Hettana's report (via).

He’s asking for a year of home detention in return for the extraordinary cooperation that he provided the government in its investigations of Cunningham and other current and former members of Congress (none of whom has been charged with a crime). They include:

* Sen. Dan Inouye, D-Hi.
* Rep. Alan B. Mollohan, D-W. Va
* Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif.
* Rep. Virgil Goode, R-Va.
* Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla.

Seth provides some more detail about what Wade has provided for each of these congress members.

A couple of observations:

Jerry Lewis is definitely someone who needs to be looked at further as he's someone who definitely has his hands deep into this mess based on his connections with Bill Lowery and Brent Wilkes.

During his trial, Wilkes testified that it was a “total misrepresentation” to say he relied on the Congressman Cunningham to do everything for him; Jerry Lewis, along with Rep. John Porter of Ill., were far more important, Wilkes said. (There’s excellent background on Lewis’ lobbying operation here.) The U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles reportedly opened an investigation into Lewis back in 2006.

It astonishes me still that Lewis has survived thus far while his peers, John Doolittle and Randy Cunningham, have been brought down.

The other name that I recognize from when I was tracking Congressional corruption closely is that of Rep. Alan B. Mollohan, D-W. Va. In Oct 2006, I had speculated that the reason Rep. Mollohan had been named the head of the Congressional Ethics Committee was because someone had something on him.

Well, who else have we heard about where secret corruption might apply? A few months ago, a Democratic Representative was exposed for his corruption - Representative Alan Mollohan (D-WV). And what was Rep. Mollohan's role? He had been recently put onto the House Ethics Committee when DeLay blew up the earlier committee because the members refused to change the rules to allow DeLay to keep his leadership post. So who decided that Mollohan should be appointed to the committee?

Obama is right to eschew lobbyists in his administration as until this nest of corruption in Congress and their partners in the defense department are exposed and removed, the rot and theft that marked the Wilkes and Wade era would simply re-infect the system much as the spambots reinfected the internet when they were reconnected to their paymasters.

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Dick Morris:I’m glad we [the GOP] didn’t win [the 2008 election] because what’s been set in motion is so bad, were going 2 need someone else 2 take responsibility

Its unbelievable what kind of attitude the GOP is displaying. This party is solemnly busy to display their corrupt, obscene, brazen attitude and fuck now they're even proud of it because they loose for it. Axe it!


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Ros-L. (R-FL) hangs up on Obama and Emanuel after reelection
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