November 16, 2008

Howard Dean's Legacy

Just a few months before the 2006 election it was obvious that Howard Dean's 50 state strategy was going to pay big dividends to the Democratic Party. Dividends that would not have been possible without Dean's push to revitalize the Democratic Party in the red states. At that time there were lots of reports about how upset the Democratic leadership based in Washington DC were with Dean's approach. They complained about how he wasn't putting the DNC money where it was needed and he was wasting it on lost causes. Yet, Howard Dean was right. As this post shows, it was Howard Dean's approach that won the Congress and Senate for the Democrats, and not the traditional DCCC approach.

Howard Dean created the strategy of change that Obama and his team so effectively harnessed in the 2008 election. As I wrote in 2006, Howard Dean was leading change using the techniques laid out by John Kotter and having some excellent results.

In the business world, when large organizations look at how to bring about major change of their culture and their direction, they often start with some advice from John P. Kotter, the author of the book, Leading Change, published by the Harvard Business School Press. John Kotter is the content expert for the Harvard Business School’s Change Management course and is a frequent speaker at top management meetings throughout the world.

In his book, he provides an eight step strategy for realizing lasting change in large organizations and I believe we can use this strategy to help reclaim our country. In fact, in my opinion, Howard Dean is following the strategy outlined to transform the Democratic Party though the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Today, as we see the results of applying this same 50 state strategy in the recent Obama win with the expanded Congressional, Senate, governor, and state wins throughout the country, we can say that Dean's vision has been vindicated once more.

I want to join Markos in recognizing Howard Dean's great contribution to rescuing our country from the hands of the rightists. Through his leadership, we have a party and millions of committed Americans who are ready to work on bringing about change that matters for our future.

Thank you, Dr. Dean.

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