November 08, 2008

Inspiring Hope

I really like Eric Alterman's take on Obama in the Guardian this week. Money quote:

But he is, I felt that night and continue to feel today, the absolute best and brightest our political system has produced since John and Robert Kennedy and perhaps since Franklin D Roosevelt. And need I add, both FDR and JFK were not merely white, but also incredibly rich, born to enormously influential and ambitious political families. Barack Obama did it all on his own.

It will be fascinating seeing what an Obama administration brings about.

Update: one more quote about who we just elected.

Who he is is so much better than we had any right to expect in a country left to the jackals for so long, even if he's just a pretty gifted liberal Democrat with an uncanny ability to see beyond the binaries and describe what might lie there.

This by Rebecca Solnit who says she doesn't see Obama as her messiah, but that he shows how our country can change for the better. Do read her whole essay.

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Obama's off to a good start with Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. Obama will get us going starting in 2010.

Posted by: brian at November 8, 2008 05:23 PM