November 01, 2008

Esquire Endorses Obama

This is why:

More than any other recent election, we are voting this year not merely for a president but to overthrow two governments. The one we can see is the one in which constitutional order has been defaced, the national spirit degraded, and the country unrecognizable because so much of the best of itself has been sold off or frittered away. The other one is the far more insidious one, a doppelgänger nation of black prisons, shredded memos, and secret justifications for even more secret crimes. Moreover, the current administration has worked hard not only to immunize itself from the political and legal consequences of the government we can see, but it has also worked within the one we cannot see in order to perpetuate itself.

For the past several months, it has worked to make extricating ourselves from the catastrophe it has wrought in Iraq as hard as possible. It has sought to make permanent the culture of corporate brigandage and predatory incompetence that it has made a hallmark of its stewardship of the country and its government. Salted throughout the vast bureaucracy are dozens of little homeschooled land mines, the products of a dozen cheapjack diploma mills selling patent-medicine history to the spiritually gullible. The fantastical hiring practices that only recently have come to light in the Department of Justice are only the most visible example of this, but the poisonous philosophy that has guided this administration is in all the institutions of the government Barack Obama hopes to lead. It is not dormant. It is there, replicating itself like a virus does in the cells of the body, waiting until it can erupt and debilitate him and his administration.

And nowhere is it more clearly visible than in the federal courts. It is in the courts where the depredations of the past seven years can become permanent. It is in the courts where the un-American legacy of George W. Bush can live forever -- or, at least, as long as most of the rest of us do. The Supreme Court already is dangerously close to an extremist conservative majority, and Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito were both born after John Paul Stevens already had passed the bar, and it was Stevens who, as recently as last June's Boumediene decision, helped create a thin 5 -- 4 majority in favor of reestablishing the right of habeas corpus for those people being detained by the administration in places like Guantánamo Bay. The decision threw out a key provision of the 2006 Military Commissions Act, a bipartisan piece of legislative cowardice that sank the Great Writ into a deep mire of euphemism and deceit. One vote, to uphold the right that En-glish nobles wrung out of King John in 1215. One vote, on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. One vote, from an eighty-eight-year-old man who'd already founded his own law firm when the chief justice under whom he serves, and who predictably voted in agreement with the president who'd appointed him, was born. One vote, on one of 107 federal courts.

There is no evidence at all that anything will change under a President John McCain, who has already identified Roberts and Alito as his beau ideals of Supreme Court justices. He has made brave noises about torture and the extraconstitutional prerogatives of the executive, but President Bush and his men went on and did what they wanted anyway, and McCain walked away, begging for votes from fundamentalists who hate him, meeping his displeasure in ways that were barely audible. The virus will gestate and spread on his watch, all throughout the federal government. Bushism must be ripped out, root and branch, everywhere it has been established, or else the presidential election of 2008 is a worthless exercise in futility. Barack Obama may not be the man to do it, but John McCain, for all his laudable qualities, clearly is neither willing nor able to do so.

To continue to govern ourselves this way is unthinkable. It is unsustainable as a democracy to continue to mock so egregiously in secret what we continue to profess in public. That is the task for the next president. That is the main reason to vote for Barack Obama of Illinois. We strongly encourage you to do so.

Your vote will count to take back our country.

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Sarah Palin continues to refuse to release her medical records. Why?

McCain, Obama and Biden have released their medical records, to varying degrees, but Palin adamantly refuses to divulge anything about her medical history. Why?

I doubt that there would be anything shocking healthwise, so it must be something else she is seeking to hide, something that would paint her as a hypocrite.

Maybe, that she got an abortion?

Just a guess.

But Palin is definitely hiding something from her medical past, and the only thing that makes any sense is that she probably got an abortion in the early 1980s, within ten years of Roe v. Wade, something that she doesn't want anyone, especially her fanatical religious fundamentalist anti-abortion followers, finding out about.

Posted by: The Oracle at November 1, 2008 06:27 PM

A follow-up on my feeling that Sarah "Barracuda" Palin is not releasing her medical records because to do so would reveal that she had an abortion years ago.

I figure that the optimum time frame for Sarah "Barracuda" Palin to possibly have gotten an abortion would have been during that period when she was competing in Alaskan beauty pageants, and "The Barracuda" wouldn't have allowed anything to get in the way of her quest for the an unwanted pregnancy.

If she has nothing to hide from the American voting public concerning her past medical history, then Sarah "Barracuda" Palin shouldn't hesitate to release her complete medical records. On the off-chance that they do release her medical records by Tuesday, if there are any gaps, like during her beauty pageant contestant years, then by inference we'll know that the McCain/Palin campaign is trying to hide something she did while a young maverick from their ardent religious fundamentalist anti-abortion base today, something that could prove very detrimental to their chances of winning on Tuesday.

Oh, and any abortion that Sarah "Barracuda" Palin got back then would have been purely a "vanity" abortion, meaning that her life wasn't in any danger from possible pregnancy complications, a "vanity" abortion she wanted simply because being pregnant would have made her look fat and probably ruined her beauty pageant aspirations.

Posted by: The Oracle at November 1, 2008 11:42 PM