October 18, 2008

Stupid Right Wing Joke about Krugman

Paul Krugman wrote that the rumors of his death as published on Wikipedia were wrong. Just who might have come up with this stupid joke?

Well, it turns out that Donald Luskin, The Stupidest Man AliveTM, opined on the idea that Paul Krugman was a strange pick because after all as an economist he was dead a decade ago and now simply a "public intellectual." Sacre bleu!

The Nobel Prize is never posthumous—it is only awarded to living persons. So some great minds such as John Maynard Keynes and Fischer Black never received the prize in Economics. All that has changed. With today’s award to Paul Krugman, the Nobel as gone to an economist who died a decade ago. The person alive to receive the award is merely a public intellectual, a person operating in the same domain as Oprah Winfrey. And even as a public intellectual, the prize is inappropriate, because never before has a scientist operating in the capacity of a public intellectual so abused and debased the science he purports to represent. Krugman’s New York Times column drawing on economics is the equivalent of 2006’s Nobelists in Physics, astronomers Mather and Smoot, doing a column on astrology—and then, in that column, telling lies about astronomy. But what’s done is done. The only question now is whether Krugman will pay taxes on the prize at the low rates enabled by the Bush tax cuts he has done so much to discredit, or if he will volunteer to pay taxes at higher rates he considers more fair.

One wonders if it was one of Luskin's syncophants who "updated" Krugman's Wikipedia page with the news of his death?

Via Henry of Crooked Timber's description of why Donald Luskin was a hot contender for the Exploding Heads Deathmatch for right wing hacks dissing Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize.

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Luskin just can't seem to drop this meme about Krugman being like Oprah. I'm convinced this is an effort to make Krugman's winning the prize out to be politically motivated, so that it won't have as much influence on people who read or listen to his opinions.

Posted by: Cujo359 at October 19, 2008 02:54 AM

No surprise that a dope wouldn't differentiate two Paul Krugmans

Posted by: brian at October 19, 2008 02:52 PM