October 05, 2008

Dusty Foggo and Porter Goss' CIA

Back when the Duke Cunningham investigation was going hot, I wrote about Brent Wilkes and his good friend Dusty Foggo. But the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow as finally over 2 years later, we are beginning to see the shape of the case against Foggo.

He had been extremely well-connected in the CIA through his ties with Porter Goss, the former Congressionman who was named by Bush to "fix" the beleaguered bureaucracy after the resignation of Tenet who admitted that the evidence for going to war with Iraq was a bunch of hooey.

Goss had been seen by the Bush administration as the perfect backstop for the blowback to the administration from the Iraq war debacle, but he came with his own deeply corrupting ties to the war profiteers, of whom Dusty and his good friend Brent, were major instigators and connectors. After all, they'd been in business of corrupting the intelligence for a profit for decades by the time Foggo was named number 3 in the CIA by Porter Goss.

Laura Rozen has some fascinating questions and commentary about the Foggo case in which if we can get some answers, will go a long way to exposing what was done during the Bush administration in corrupting this institution.

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