September 25, 2008

Darcy Burner: What a great candidate

Lucky me!

I got to attend a house party for Darcy Burner at my friend's house in Northern California.

What a wonderful candidate!

From everything I've seen about Darcy, she is a really remarkable candidate: someone who is thoughtful and pragmatic. And she will be someone who can make a tremendous difference if she gets elected. It is clear she is ready to change the direction of Washington and I get the feeling she will not be so easily seduced by the Washington insiders or the corporate lobbyists.

One very nice thing about Darcy is she has not lost her connection to the neighborhoods where she was raised and she continues to advocate for their lives even though she had found success in the high tech world before she decided to run for Congress. But she hasn't decided her own success was because she was better than those friends and family members who are still part of the blue collar neighborhoods. As she quipped, her youngest brother is convinced that in his job, he performs a higher service to the community than she will ever be able to do as a member of Congress because he actually drives a beer delivery truck.

We got a chance to ask her questions and hear more about how she is running her campaign. I was impressed with her campaign material and have scanned in a page from her primary mailer which talks about her story (Why would a nice person like me get involved in politics (pdf)). She described how they used this mailer to see how effective it would be in moving voters. And guess what? Darcy's got a smart campaign and today she is running the most competitive race in the country (or as she says, the race that could be resolved by 1 vote).

In my opinion, Darcy is one of the best candidates we've seen in a very long time. If you agree with me, please dig in a bit deeper to help put this exceptional candidate in Congress. She's truly ready to help put our country back on the right track.

Here's Firedoglake's egregious' account of the evening.

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