September 11, 2008

Bush's response to 9/11: Creating division to raze the land like a plague

What hath Bush wrought as a result of 9/11?

And, lo, a strange thing did come to pass. For as surely as the seasons do alternate, so the ruler and party that have brought woe to a nation must give way to others who can lead their people to plenty. How can the weary, flogged ass bear honey and balm and almonds and myrrh?

Yet many Americans believed the exhausted beast could still provide bounty. They did hold that a people called the French was to blame. They did accuse a creation called the United Nations. They did curse the ungodly sophisticates of Gotham and Hollywood and sinful Chicago; and, lo, they proclaimed God was on their side, and carried a gun, and Darwin was bunk, and truth resided in Alaska.

For Bush ruled over the whole nation and so sure was he of his righteousness that he did foster division until it raged like a plague. Each tribe sent pestilence on the other.

And in the seventh year after the fall, the dust and debris of the towers cleared. And it became plain at last what had been wrought ó but not how the damage would be undone.

How do we heal this land and overcome the monster let loose by the Bush years?

via War&Piece -- although Laura got the wrong Cohen. This piece was written by Roger Cohen, not Richard.

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As a kid growing up in West Texas, George W. Bush liked to blow up frogs with firecrackers. He took great pleasure in cramming a lighted firecracker down a frogs throat, throwing the frog and watching it's guts splatter all over the place.

Now substitute for "frogs" all the things (and people) George W. Bush has either blown up or caused to be blown up over the past eight years.

Some things (and some people) never change...or once a psychopath always a psychopath...or "That thar Bush boy's brain has something wrong with it."

Posted by: The Oracle at September 11, 2008 09:52 PM