September 07, 2008


Since the advent of Sarah Palin, the entire Democratic campaign has disappeared.

Issues have been replaced by the usual Republican claptrap -- culture wars in the form of religion and reproduction. John McCain is claiming the the Democrats will tax and spend. A man who wants to make war for a hundred years is flatly lying about his opponent. Hasn't anyone called him on the spending issue? Loudly?

Palin was a perfect choice to derail the collective media back into the culture swamp. She is a cliche and an opportunist on a large scale. Pistol packin', baby totin' mama, she has a nasty way of making herself bigger by denigrating others. Worse still, that may be the good news.

"I don't even know exactly what the Vice President does", she admitted a few months ago. And look who she will get to learn from. Rove. Cheney. Oh that should make her just an American icon.

Meanwhile, all discussion or coverage of issues has shut down in the national media. Hurricane shelters are calling for Human Rights observers in a too-large number of cities, but do we hear about it? Not if we don't spend our news time on the Web.

Will Republicans be able to hide the fact that the economy is getting worse for the next eight weeks? Will the sweet, cooperative oil companies keep lowering prices in the runup to the election so Republicans can pretend they have energy issues under control? Stay tuned if you can stand it.

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