August 25, 2008

Autonomy Watch

Kids: Remember when kids could go out and play by themselves?

LGBT: Some people in Idaho think it's offensive to have to see same-sex wedding greeting cards at the Hallmark store. Those are some fragile marriages out there, I guess.

Women: Paternalism towards adult women is offensive whether it comes from Republicans or from 'fellows' in the Party tent. (via Paradox @ The Left Coaster)

Also, check out this revisit of The Feminine Mystique, wherein a history professor explains that the best way to stabilize families is to give women more decision-making autonomy and social support (which two things are totally compatible, btw), as well as making home life more gender equitable. (via Avedon @ The Sideshow)

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The Republicans are waiting to pounce on Obama’s speech tonight with their clever catch phase “celebrity.”

My suggestion for pushing back?

Posted by: rm at August 28, 2008 01:51 PM