August 17, 2008

McCain: Doubling Down Cheney

Digby has a post about the nature of John McCain which had echoed my thoughts about him after watching this powerful interview of Andrew Bacevich by Bill Moyers. Namely: McCain is even more dangerous than Bush/Cheney. As Digby says:

Just what we need. A president whose first reaction is: "show me somebody to hit".

I remember writing a long time ago that John McCain is the man George W. Bush was pretending to be, right down to the flight suit. The Real Thing is actually far more dangerous than the cheap imitation. If he wins this thing, we could find ourselves in a very, very serious crisis, of both economic stability and national security ---- and very likely of our government itself. This man is unstable.

McCain wants to prove his manhood and is ready to take on any war at any time. And the damn media keeps thinking about his barbeques and how nice it was that he takes time to joke with them rather then see the obvious that he would be a disaster in the White House.

BTW: Here's one of Andrew Sullivan's readers comment about why McCain might win:

More and more, November seems to be shaping up, above all, up as a referendum on the American people‹-on what we collectively are prepared to take responsibility for. If McCain wins, we'll deserve him.

I'd put some of that responsibility on the pundits too. They don't believe they live in the same world as the rest of us and they will somehow be magically free from the turmoil that will roil this country and the world if McCain is put in charge.

Update: Read this and ask yourself is there ever an international conflict after 1998 McCain didn't think we should go to war over?

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Only rarely does someone surface with qualifications as well as insights and a delivery that stimulate thinking. Even more rarely does an individual stimulate the very personal mental articulation of self observation.

Bacevich deserves as broad an audience as can be exposed to his thoughtful analysis.

Posted by: PacificGatePost at August 19, 2008 08:25 AM