August 02, 2008

Netroots Nation 2008 Pictures

Some more pictures from Netroots Nation, many featuring my friends at the Commonweal Institute.

chris bowers.JPGdave-barry-kate.JPGconversation.JPG
Space Panel: Andrew Hoppin, Chris Bowers, Patti Grace Smith, Lori Garver, George Whitesides Commonweal Institute: Dave Johnson, Barry Kendall, Katherine Forrest Commonweal Institute Conversation: Patrick, Kay, Kate, Austin professor
Gina Cooper, Jeffrey FeldmanAl Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Gina CooperAl Gore, Rep. Doggett (D-TX), Nancy Pelosi
Bloggers and the Green Economy: Dave Johnson, Susana Almanza, Larry Joe Doherty, Jeff Sharp, Adam SeigelAsk the Speaker: Nancy PelosiKay Lee
kay-virginia.JPGlloyd doggett.JPGkate-patrick-virginia.JPG
Virginia & Kay LeeCongressman Lloyd Doggett introducing Nancy PelosiKatherine Forrest, Patrick O'Heffernan, Virginia Lee
meta panel.JPGpelosi.JPGmedia panel.JPG
Meta Panel: Chris Bowers, Cheryl Contee, David Waldman (Kagro), Raf Noboa, Amanda MarcotteNancy PelosiMedia Panel: Digby, Rick Perlstein, Paul Krugman, Duncan Black
Recipe for Change: Natasha and Margaret Krome
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What? No pictures of you Mary?

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