July 16, 2008

Bush: Contraception == Abortion

Martin Bosworth brings us the news that one of Bush's final eff yous to the women of America will be an attempt to define contraception as abortion, covering such things as birth control and the morning after pill.

Bosworth surmises that the right wing just wants people to breed more, which seems a reasonable conclusion. While that's always seemed the case to me, I never could figure out why they seem so dead set against any kind of financial, food or medical assistance for pregnant women and new mothers. Why not directly incentivize your end goal? I guess that encourages the Wrong Kind of People to breed; for them, we have an infant mortality rate hike, to take care of the problem the other way around. Once they're born, screw 'em -- but don't use a condom, that'd be morally reprehensible.

It's hard to tell what McCain would do regarding contraception, because as Steve Benen points out, McCain is confused by contraception and acts offended when tricksy reporters ask him about it. I expect though, as baffled as McCain seems to be in the matter, that he'll be happy to listen to his new best friends in the fundamentalist community to supply him with the correct views.

And looking for good news in all this, because it's been in short supply lately, I'm gratified to be reading about these issues from progressive male colleagues outside the 'usual suspect' ring of feminist bloggers. Maybe one of these days it could come to seem strange that anyone would make a distinction between feminist and progressive sites. I can dream.

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I guess that encourages the Wrong Kind of People to breed
Yes, exactly. It's really cool, see: They just want rich, white Christians to breed. If you make abortion illegal, then the rich folk will be the only ones who can afford to have it done right, and most of the time their Christian ethic will stop them anyway, what with all the rhetoric that's gone along with the ban... and there'll be lots more rich, white babies around.

And on the other side, the poor minority folk will either die from botched back-street abortions, or breed like rabbits and die from starvation when they can't afford food. Either way, the rich, white Christians win.

It's a brilliant plan, you have to admit.

OK, you don't have to admit it, I guess....

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Posted by: Barry Leiba at July 16, 2008 03:32 PM

You want the lower orders to breed, to supply your Lube Shop/Law Skool with cheap, pliable labor. If you read their writings, they see their destiny as being masters of others. The ideological heirs to the slaveowners.
Look at the South. Craptastic schools for the slaves. Barely marginal for everyone else. Superb home schooling for the master.
Advancement based on bloodline rather than merit. Wonder why Bush is still beloved? He exemplifies the extreme of aristocracy over meritocracy.
No BC = more workers = lower wages.
What mansion-dwelling Son of the South would allow the slaves to collect taxes for schools, health care, and public goods. The dirt road to Mount Vernon works well, even today.

Posted by: Mold at July 18, 2008 09:51 AM