June 20, 2008

Call Today

Congress is voting today to let Bush and his administration get off scotfree in their illegal spying on Americans. It's time to make a fuss.

Cujo359 provides a whole slew of things that you can do to fight for our rights.

And Simon @ bloggasm interviewed some of the Strange Bedfellows who are backing the campaign to make the Congress aware that they are treading on dangerous ground if they carry through with this betrayal.

Help raise the heat on Washington. Call your Congress critter today.

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re: retroactive telecom immunity.

Certain Democrats in Congress cut a deal with corrupt corporatist Republicans.

In exchange for these Republicans (and Bush) not deep-sixing the Farm Bill and the Iraqi War Appropriations Bill, certain Democrats agreed to this retroactive telecom immunity bill.

And of course, this treasonous bill would not be being considered at all if Reid or Pelosi chose to block it and not do anything, since the same FISA laws that protected our nation from terrorist attacks for seven years after the first WTC bombing in 1993 are still in place and functioning properly.

In fact, these FISA laws worked perfectly up to the 9/11 attacks (collecting intelligence, monitoring suspected terrorists, etc.), but it was the incompetence and inattention of the Bush administration that led to the terrorist plot succeeding.

So, we all know why the Republicans, Bush and the telecom companies are so eager for retroactive immunity. They don't want anything to come out in a court of law, and they want their past criminal behavior and activities to be conveniently swept under the rug...disappeared, as it were.

And all this time I thought that when someone mentioned organized crime, they were referring to the Mafia.

Posted by: The Oracle at June 20, 2008 01:55 AM