June 18, 2008

Defending the Constitution

We elect people to represent us because we don't have the time and logistical ability to all get in the same room at the same time to hash out the laws and rules that we live under. Those who are elected to the national government take an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. That means they are giving their word that they will do just that, including defending our rights especially those enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

But the rot of George W Bush and his culture of fear and greed has corrupted too many of our Representatives and our Senators as well as those who work in the Administration. And too many Democrats have been wooed by the siren songs of fear and greed and have been scheming to give into Bush's demands to give immunity to the telecoms. They are ready to sell out our rights, and for what?

Fortunately, there are some true patriots who are rallying Americans to prevent this sell-out:

The Beltway establishment needs to be trained to understand that there is a real constituency for defending our constitutional framework.


Obama, who should be on our side after articulating the problem eloquently (see below), should use his bully pulpit to make it clear to Democrats attempting to give away our rights, that if they persist in this, their betrayal will be remembered.

I have consistently opposed this Administration's efforts to use debates about our national security to expand its own power, whether that was in regard to the conduct of the Iraq war or its restrictions on our civil liberties through domestic surveillance programs or suspension of habeas corpus. It is time to restore oversight and accountability in the FISA program, and rejecting this unprecedented grant of retroactive immunity is a good place to start.

Giving retroactive immunity to telecom companies is simply wrong. Thankfully, the most recent effort to pass this legislation at the end of the legislative year failed. I unequivocally oppose this grant of immunity and support the filibuster of it. I have cosponsored Senator Dodd's proposal that would remove it from the current FISA bill and continue to follow this debate closely. In order to prevail, the proponents of retroactive immunity still have to convince 60 or more senators to vote to end a filibuster of this bill. I will not be one of them.

This Administration has put forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we demand. When I am president, there will be no more illegal wire-tapping of American citizens; no more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime; no more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. Our Constitution works, and so does the FISA court.

My fervent hope is that those Democratic betrayers of the Constitution will rue the day they decided to carry Bush's water at this late date and when he is so unpopular. I hope the money they are getting from the telecoms and other lovers of an Authoritarian order dries up and blows away before they can benefit from their ill-begotten Judas dollars.

Help teach them a lesson. You can start here.

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Hi Mary. I've made a list of things people can do to help. I can't stress enough, though, that money talks in politics. The larger that PAC vs Retroactive Immunity fund gets, the scarier it ought to be for the politicians who are selling us out. If they operate on fear, then let them fear us for a change.

The congresspeople who are doing this deserve to lose their jobs over this. This fund is being created to assure that at least some of them do.

One of the things people should do today is contact their Representatives. This bill will come up for a vote either late tonight (Thursday) or tomorrow. There's not much time, which I think is a deliberate strategy on the part of the Democratic leadership. They're hoping we won't be able to get organized in time.

What they're forgetting is that there's plenty of time between now and November. Time we reminded them, don't you think?

Posted by: Cujo359 at June 19, 2008 11:28 AM