June 15, 2008


I read blogs -- lots of them. It is a bit early in the year for really dirty tricks, but I have noticed that people are already getting very worked up over second- and third-hand commentary.

This is the kind of year when the Republicans can really do something toward "divide and rule". They can discuss how Hillary's partisans are being "ignored" by the Democratic party. They can discuss how Obama "dismisses" women and bruit that McCain is sympathetic ( ::rolls eyes:: ). They can discuss "arrogance" on the part of a man who's confident.

Republicans can and will claim that McCain is a "maverick" when his views are tired old Bush lies. They can make a faithful family man out of the guy who dumped his first wife. They can claim he supports the troops while he favors watering the sands with their blood.

The best defense this year will be to listen to the candidates and dismiss all further discussion in favor of *thinking*. I know it's hard. It is so much easier to rant and accuse and get on board with rumors. But this year, that will not be a good idea.

It's a great field for dirty tricks. Watch out.

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