May 10, 2008

The Nose Knows

Today I went shopping, and since I needed a lot of cheap fabric in long lengths, I went to The Great Satan WalMart to make my purchase. Besides, the hamsters like their food.

So off I went. First, the bad news for the economy -- both when I got there and when I was leaving, there was parking close to the store in the main lane that approaches the door. Uh oh.

But the odd experience was inside. In certain areas of the store, especially the shoe aisle, the air smelled so strongly of unpleasant chemicals that it was noticeable. No leather scent at all. No rubber like the old sneakers. No, this was some sort of nasty plastic stew that saturated the air.

When vinyl was first made, the smell of it was at least interesting. That is no longer true of the things used to make shoes.

My nose said the area was poisonous. I went away and did not take anything with me.

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Welcome to another modern deathreality. I have been unable to handle that smell in many stores, viz. Target, mall stores. But i've never actually been to WalMart. Hoping i don't ever have to. But i do understand the sensation...blechh.

Posted by: condrie at May 14, 2008 05:10 PM