April 30, 2008


Hey folks, sorry I've been absent. In addition to posting elsewhere, I've been moving and attempting to get a life. (And, kow, that seems to be working out all right so far, thanks, with a few tenable bumps along the way.)

I plan to get around to cross-posting a few things that I've written elsewhere, but upcoming, will definitely be adding the latest Global Suicide Pact story to the mix here. I feel like I should start turning it into a book by now, been prodding at it for well over two weeks.

If you write, maybe this has happened to you: 1) Get an idea for something that you *must* write. 2) Start writing it. 3) Something comes up. 4) You return to it sporadically, mostly everytime you get a new idea (or in my case, find a new article to link in or remember another reference that I simply must quote, and consequently track down in the middle of packing,) but never quite seem to get that "solid couple of hours I need to put it all together" to spend on it. 5) Find that you can now barely write anything else, because everytime you think about writing something, your mind circles it back around to this all-encompassing project that you've already sunk all this time into.


But I will write it. And I will put it here. As soon as I'm moved in. And sort this job thing. And get that Ikea cabinet issue adressed. Anyway, I think you see where this is going.

I'll try at the least not to be such a stranger ;)

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