April 12, 2008

Saturday Readings

Michael Kinsley reflects on the last boomer game: the competition for being the last one alive. And he thinks that having Parkinson's disease has given him an early glimpse of how it feels to age.

Sometimes I feel like a scout from my generation, sent out ahead to experience in my fifties what even the healthiest boomers are going to experience in their sixties, seventies, or eighties. There are far worse medical conditions than Parkinsonís and there are far worse cases of Parkinsonís than mine. But what I have, at the level I have it, is an interesting foretaste of our shared futureóa beginnerís guide to old age.

Alterman turned the keys over to Bob Bateman who had a terrific essay about someone who showed true leadership.

Dumpster diving? Evidently privatized investigative corporations are into entrapment as well.

In 1998, according to BBI emails, correspondence, and records, BBI retained Mary Lou Sapone, a self-described "research consultant," who recruited a paid operative in Louisiana to infiltrate an environmental group called CLEAN. Sapone had something of a talent for infiltrating activist groups. In the late 1980s, working for a security firm called Perceptions International, which was, in turn, working for the U.S. Surgical Corporation, she penetrated a Connecticut-based animal-rights group, gathering evidence on an activist who would later serve jail time for planting a pipe bomb near the parking space of the company's CEO. The activist would eventually accused Sapone of coaxing her into the plot.

What shape will the recession take? Nouriel Roubini discusses the options: "V" (not likely), "U" (very likely), "W" (probably not), and "L" (a decade of depression - not something he thinks will happen). What ever shape it takes, the country is going to lose a lot of money.

Dave notes that soon the media will ask Obama to apologize for ... everything a African-American does before he can talk about the issues. And we can watch the same media make Hillary apologize for every stupid thing a woman does or every time Bill screws up. That is how the punditry treats Democrats.

Update: hahahahaha

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Don't you just hate the liberal media.
Who hell came up with that any way.

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