April 05, 2008

The Siegelman Affair & Karl Rove

Dday recently wrote a piece about Karl Rove for Hullabaloo which goes into Rove's declaration that he had nothing to do with the Siegelman persecution prosecution. And in fact, Karl calls Jill Simpson, the Alabama Republican activist, who testified that she had been on a phone call linking Karl Rove to the conspiracy to get Siegelman, "a loon."

Rove: Let's talk about the last couple of scandals you've been involved in. Don Siegelman in Alabama [the Democratic governor whom Rove was recently accused of trying to sabotage by forcing U.S. attorneys to bring corruption charges against him prior to an election]. What happened? [rolls his eyes] Will you do me a favor and go on Power Line (hilarious -ed.) and Google "Dana Jill Simpson" [the Republican lawyer who told 60 Minutes that Rove asked her to take a picture of Governor Siegelman cheating on his wife]? She's a complete lunatic. I've never met this woman. This woman was not involved in any campaign in which I was involved. I have yet to find anybody who knows her. And what the media has done on this… No one has read the 143-page deposition that she gave congressional investigators—143 pages. When she shows up to give her explanation of all this, do you know how many times my name appears? Zero times. Nobody checked!

Question: Then how did this happen?

Rove: Because CBS is a shoddy operation. They said, "Hey, if we can say 'Karl Rove,' 'Siegelman,' that'll be good for ratings. Let's hype it. We'll put out a news release on Thursday and then promo the hell out of it on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday." And Scott Pelley—the question is, Did [60 Minutes correspondent] Scott Pelley say to this woman, "You say you met with him. Where? And you say that he gave you other assignments earlier. When did he begin giving you assignments, and what campaigns did you work with him in? What evidence? I mean, this woman, she said she met with him: Okay, you met with him—where? Did you fly to Washington?" Now she says that she talked to me on the phone and she's got phone records. Of calls to Washington and Virginia. But what's Virginia? I don't live in Virginia. And it's 2001. What is in Virginia? It's not the Bush headquarters; that was in Austin, Texas. What is in Virginia? So—but look, she's a loon.

Of course, she's testified under oath about what she knew (he has never done so). And then there is that other little item that tends to lend credibility to her account, as one wonders why someone would try so very hard to prevent her from testifying. As Scott Horton noted in June of 2006:

[A]fter her intention to speak became known, Simpson’s house was burned to the ground, and her car was driven off the road and totaled. Clearly, there are some very powerful people in Alabama who feel threatened.

And we know that Karl Rove has been involved in extremely nasty actions before, including destroying the reputations of his opponents and has even been behind prosecuting and imprisoning his political opponents.

So for one to decide who has greater right to be believed, one only needs to ask who is a known liar and vicious partisan, and who has demonstrated courage even when intimidated by thugs who show they are willing to go so far as to potentially cause her death to get her to shut up?

Updated: See Scott Horton's latest which certainly makes the same point: Karl Rove has not yet testified under oath, she has. Rove must be starting to sweat.

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