March 09, 2008

Reading This

Your most paranoid suspicions were right ... there are drugs in the water.

The systemic margin call is upon us, and the hedge funds cry out as from the desolation of Gehenna, yeay, even unto the exalted of the Carlyle.

It took Britain's New Labour government to end the dangerous tradition of peaceful protest.

In Mexico's Oaxaca region, 'tradition' is used as a dodge to deny indigenous women the right to run for office, but not the right to be hit on by sleazy bureaucrats in the process of denying them their civil liberties.

Dennis Hastert's old seat in Illinois goes to a liberal Democrat who proudly believes in upholding the Constitution. Let's hope this acts as an emboldening follow-on to Donna Edwards primary upset against Al Wynn in Maryland, and stiffens House Democrats' resolve against giving the telecoms retroactive immunity for breaking the law.

It's clearly Bill Clinton's fault that the military was in a state where George W. Bush could break it with an unwise war followed by the poorly planned out occupation of a country halfway around the world.

There are no good military options for dealing with Iran.

Farms can't keep up with grain demand.

Persistent allergies? Try an apartment in a green building.

The Army says they need half the military budget.

"And in your soul,
They've poked a million holes,
But you never let them show.
Come on, it's time to go."
- DeVotchKa, How It Ends

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