March 06, 2008

Endless Days and Endless Nights

Things at work have been consuming almost every hour of my days and nights lately. But I have to say I'm not sad that I have no time to obsess about the campaign. In fact, I'm outsourcing the rest of this post to Atrios:

I suppose the truth is that while I'm a political junkie, I actually don't really like the campaign part of politics. Polls, narratives, metanarratives, the backandforth, the stump speech...ehh.. just not for me.

I couldn't agree more. I'm a political junkie because I see politics as the way to work at solving our problems. I'm also terrible at office politics. I'd much rather worry about how to make things work than who's up and who's down.

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Comments long as I'm the one who's up.

But yes, I'm sick of this now. As the campaign progresses, the speeches get more repetitive, the panders more blatant, the disagreements more petty, the press more desperate to find something fresh to report.

And discussions online just keep getting uglier and more polarized. As a (slightly disappointed) Obama supporter, I feel a growing distaste for Clinton, and I can see exactly the same tendency among Clinton supporters. Sure, we'll all either pull the "D" lever or stay home in the fall, but that doesn't take away the next 5 (!) acrimonious months.

Posted by: sean at March 6, 2008 05:54 AM

Why don't they try to outdo each other in attacks on the Republicans? That would be a respectable form of competition.

Is this a dumb question, or is the process really as vulgar as it looks through my telescope, if not worse?

Posted by: Huskarl at March 6, 2008 06:35 PM

I could almost say the same. Work training is eating the days and I am falling over dead at night, Happens when you get a new job.

Posted by: Scorpio at March 8, 2008 12:41 PM

Of course, who's up and who's down is all a matter of orientation. Twist yourself in just the right knot and even Bush could appear to be up.

Your presence at TLC is definitely missed these days Mary.

Posted by: snark at March 8, 2008 06:07 PM