March 01, 2008

Tactics, Techniques and Torture

Nothing like a topic that meanders all over.

There are various techniques that government and businesses use to attempt to gain their ends.

You all know the story of Wikileaks by now. A Caymans bank took the Wikileaks web site to court for revealing things they did not wish to see on the web. The judge did what the Caymans bank asked, and had the domain pointer removed so that the site was not accessible by typing a name in your navigation bar. Bryan at Why Now reported today that the judge has reversed himself and restored the domain name links.

Court has always been an avenue used to suppress information. "Because I said it's a secret" is one of the current administration's favorite chants. The US Government as a whole has used it since the 1950's, and too often to cover up wrongdoing.

We come to one of my new theories on the methods of the current administration. You may have heard the expression "Chinese water torture" before. It is said that for torture, the ancient Chinese immobilized a victim and let water drip, drip, drip onto the victim's forehead in an attempt to extract information. The current administration does something similar to both Congress and the American people in an attempt to extract cooperation and/or legislation.

If you follow the news you know that the House blocked telecom retroactive immunity. The first thing the Administration tried was to play the security card, claiming that just FISA was not enough to ensure security, despite the fact that FISA grants retroactive warrants, and has only declined 19 warrants in all the years that it has been in existence. I have put out a small rant discussing what this mean on Eccentricity. The point here is that there is no reason at all that FISA is inadequate except that Mr. Bush says so. So the House thwarted him on Immunity. What happened the following week? Four days out of the following five, Mr, Bush has stirred himself to complain, nag and whine because he wants Congress to give him that immunity. Drip, drip, drip. Every single time he has not acquired what he wanted the first time, he gets some party hack to reintroduce whatever it is he craves this time. Drip drip, drip. Look forward to more articles where he wheedles everyone about telecom immunity. Drip, drip, drip.

No wonder these guys will not condemn waterboarding. They metaphorically use some form of water torture every day -- on Congress, on the news media, and on the public.

I can only hope that the House can hold out against torture for eleven more months. Eleven more and maybe -- just maybe -- we can find out just what these tactics have been used to hide.

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