February 29, 2008

Green Bits

The lifecycle costs of photovoltaics really do make them an attractive option for reforming the electricity grid, with substantial reductions in resource use and wear-and-tear costs for the system as a whole.

Alaskans sue energy firms for conspiracy to cover up global warming. Go, Alaska!

Bush Dept. of Agriculture higher-ups threw the GAO auditors out when they came calling.

Unapproved biotech corn is growing in Iowa. Mmm, wind-pollinated frankenfood out on the loose.

Some sane geoengineering fixes discussed. As is usual, scifi sounding solutions that are likely to never be implemented, or could have unknown effects, suck up all the debate oxygen. Low tech, high concept solutions that could really work get routinely ignored.

The EPA tries to justif its rejection of California's emission law waiver. Basically, California has had a long-standing exemption to regulate emissions more strictly than the federal government, but Bush's EPA has said no, and has changed the ground rules for allowing policy differences.

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