February 25, 2008

Thought for the Day

Sweet Jesus, I hate primary season.

At least we're getting a lot of news coverage of Democrats. And Democrats talking about other Democrats. Even Democrats who are not Joe Lieberman, whom the press seems not yet to have realized is no longer a Democrat.

Too bad so many of the hard core political geeks have decided that, not only is the opposition candidate loathesome, so are their supporters. Not just wrong, but evil and acting with full ill intent, purposely seeking to destroy the Democratic Party from within.

Fortunately, outside blogtopia (ysctp!), voters don't think your candidate sucks. And by now, fcol, I'd give the nomination to Obama this minute if it were mine to give, just to not have to suffer through another nasty, internecine war masquerading as a discussion about the candidates.

It's not about the candidates anymore, guys. It isn't. They're politicians, and kind of jerks sometimes, because that's the sort of person who can put up with politics and fight to win. (I point no fingers here without first pointing at myself.)

Arguments about how people are acting are ... arguments about how people are acting. Newsflash: if there's a candidate whose supporters' or staffers' hands are all clean, they aren't running in this race. Any of us who claim our own side is without fault is just being a prat. At most, we can keep each other honest. Maybe.

One last thing ... sweet Jesus, I hate primary season.

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