February 24, 2008

How It Goes

Found in an earlier strata of an old notebook. For you, even if you never read it. For me, so I can say it.

sending songs out
along with the sirens of night
into blazing days
through the blur of time
you remain with me
because i did memorize your face
and the roads are long
but we've been there before
so they have no terror
just oblivion, maybe, someday
but i stepped out of the world we knew
to walk between the cracks
tears in the curtain of sky
rents in the wall, the sidewalk
there i am
unfit for human consumption
the demons eat me
and each apocalypse
followed by a new dawn
just as real for all that
killing its share of hope
until all that's solid falls away
seeming haloed by distance
and the irony of your voice in my ear
when i least expect it

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