February 17, 2008

More Economics

I became interested in the exporting of American jobs several years ago. Perhaps the most complete list of companies that have moved out has been kept by Lou Dobbs. After looking at that list, if you can force yourself through the entire thing, you will no longer wonder why our economy is in Big Trouble. You won't ask yourself why the only unemployed the Liars in Chief will count are the ones collecting unemployment -- and not the ones whose checks ran out, who have had to live on the good will of friends, neighbors or charity if they have not given up and taken to living in cars or under a bridge somewhere. You will notice that boycotting every company that has abandoned the US is almost impossible.

Most of the steel making companies have moved out. You would think that someone might realize that steel is a critical defense material. Of course, right now oil is just as critical, but still, steel companies have moved to China.

It is time and past time for this country to use taxes and tariffs to stop this madness. At least Hillary Clinton has taken up the subject of NAFTA. It is nice to see that one candidate understands that exporting jobs needs to stop.

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Instead of tariffs,let's repeal NAFTA,CAFTA,and the Peru trade deals. Hillary has flip-flopped on NAFTA,and both Clinton and Obama voted for the Peru trade deals. We can end the tax breaks for companies that leave. Finally,we can pass a law where comapnies that make a profit can't downsize and/or outsource.

Posted by: brian at February 17, 2008 10:06 AM

peak oil will end this madness and return jobs to where they belong.

Agreed these trade deals must die, but they will die a natural death as it becomes impossible to move merchandise overseas for profit. That's the whole reason they did it in the first place....cheap oil and the fact that it was cheaper to ship their shit overseas than to pay a decent wage at home.

Posted by: getaclue at February 17, 2008 10:11 AM

LoL, are you deliberately ignoring the much stronger statements against NAFTa made by Barack Obama on purpose?

Are you forgoting her many speeches, including one at DAVOS, thanking people for their support and defense of NAFTA?

The Clintons always claim to feel our pain, they just never want to do anything that will actually cure it.

Posted by: Soullite at February 23, 2008 06:56 AM