February 11, 2008

All The Shah's Men

Stephen Kinzer, author of "All The Shah's Men," is touring the country to let people know what a very, very bad idea it would still be to attack Iran. Even in this short video clip, he also manages to illuminate an important part of the history between Iran, Britain and the US that usually gets left out of US portrayals of the country's story.

Check here for details on the tour dates near you. Unfortunately, CA, OR and WA folks have already missed out. Sorry, just heard about this today myself.

Feb. 13: Albuquerque, NM
Feb. 15: Columbia, MO
Feb. 16: Peoria, IL
Feb. 17: Champaign-Urbana, IL
Feb. 18: Omaha, NE
Feb. 19: Chicago, IL
Feb. 20: Columbus, OH
Feb. 22: Atlanta, GA
Feb. 25: Miami, FL
Feb. 26: Tampa, FL
Feb. 27: Philadelphia, PA
Feb. 28: New York, NY
Feb. 29: Long Island, NY
March 3: Waterville, ME
March 4: Concord, NH
March 5: Baltimore, MD
March 6: Washington, DC
March 7: Washington, DC

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Bruni: "If such methods existed during the Nazi era(informations via net)how much jews do u think would have been cheated to the concentration camps?"

Bruni was judging the paper nouvel observateur. She expressed furthermore that the nouvel observateur was now belonging to the branch of the gossip papers (of the tree) of newspapers.

Nouvel Observateur reported, Sarkozy presented an offer to return to him(self) to his ex-wife Cecile.

"Nouvel Observateur changed for the the gossip papers ," she told L'Express.

Posted by: ccoaler at February 13, 2008 10:07 AM