February 09, 2008

Remembering Bill Keller's Column from Five Years Ago

Earlier in the week, the country passed the five year mark since Colin Powell's ignoble presentation before the UN making Bush's case for war. As Eric Alterman reminds us, the "evidence" that was given in that presentation was extremely poorly sourced.

Gilbert Cranberg, former editorial page editor of the Des Moines Register, examined the media reaction to Powell's UN presentation, pointing out that the secretary "cited almost no verifiable sources. Many of his assertions were unattributed. The speech had more than forty vague references, such as 'human sources,' 'an eyewitness,' 'detainees,' 'an al Qaeda source,' 'a senior defector,' 'intelligence sources,' and the like." Nevertheless, surveying the coverage of an allegedly skeptical media from some forty papers from all parts of the country, he found the following conclusions: "a massive array of evidence," "a detailed and persuasive case," "a powerful case," "a sober, factual case," "an overwhelming case," "a compelling case," "the strong, credible and persuasive case," "a persuasive, detailed accumulation of information," "the core of his argument was unassailable," "a smoking fusillade . . . a persuasive case for anyone who is still persuadable," "an accumulation of painstakingly gathered and analyzed evidence," "only the most gullible and wishful thinking souls can now deny that Iraq is harboring and hiding weapons of mass destruction," "the skeptics asked for proof; they now have it," "a much more detailed and convincing argument than any that has previously been told," "Powell's evidence . . . was overwhelming," "an ironclad case . . . incontrovertible evidence," "succinct and damning evidence . . . the case is closed," "Colin Powell delivered the goods on Saddam Hussein," "masterful," "If there was any doubt that Hussein . . . needs to be . . . stripped of his chemical and biological capabilities, Powell put it to rest."

Indeed, the presentation was the key to pushing a number of somewhat reluctant liberal hawks into backing Bush's invasion of Iraq because they deeply drank the kool-aid that made an unleashed Saddam more frightening than the thought of a country led into a war by a mendacious administration using propaganda and terrorizing the public to get their way. That the punditry knew Bush was a liar and destructive in his actions was nothing to be worried about.

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the column that made me realize that the East Coast punditry was imbibing deeply in the terrors of the day and where I found myself asking Bill Keller, what the hell have they put in your water? From my email to Bill Keller, Feb 8, 2003:

The most dangerous thing about this administration is how closed it is to outside input, how sure it is that is has all the answers and how unwilling it is to listen to any points of view beyond their own. I don't understand how it is possible for anyone to feel comfortable with how decisions are made by this administration. They subvert science when it doesn't conform to their views. They subvert international treaties because they have no trust in relations and believe we can live in this world by ourselves. They propose budgets that are worse than a joke. And yet you think they can make a decision to go to war?

I am amazed that you guys in the media all seem to march to the same track. When do you get your own opinions that are not shaped by the people you talk to everyday? Perhaps you should read some more foreign press? Or if you would like, we in the hinterland could try to feed you a little bit of reality?

...I would not trust this government to boil water, much less lead our troops into war.

The column I felt compelled to respond to:

The I-Can't-Believe-I'm-A-Hawk Club

The president will take us to war with support -- often, I admit, equivocal and patronizing in tone -- from quite a few members of the East Coast liberal media cabal. The I-Can't-Believe-I'm-a-Hawk Club includes op-ed regulars at this newspaper and The Washington Post, the editors of The New Yorker, The New Republic and Slate, columnists in Time and Newsweek. Many of these wary warmongers are baby-boom liberals whose aversion to the deployment of American power was formed by Vietnam but who had a kind of epiphany along the way -- for most of us, in the vicinity of Bosnia.

The president also has enough prominent Democrats with him -- some from conviction, some from the opposite -- to make this endeavor credibly bipartisan. Four of the six declared Democratic presidential hopefuls support war, with reservations. (Senator John Kerry seemed to come down from the fence last week after Colin Powell's skillful parsing of the evidence.)

We reluctant hawks may disagree among ourselves about the most compelling logic for war -- protecting America, relieving oppressed Iraqis or reforming the Middle East -- but we generally agree that the logic for standing pat does not hold. Much as we might wish the administration had orchestrated events so the inspectors had a year instead of three months, much as we deplore the arrogance and binary moralism, much as we worry about all the things that could go wrong, we are hard pressed to see an alternative that is not built on wishful thinking.

Yes, they all got on the band wagon because they wanted to have faith that the President had the country's best interests at heart and trusted "evidence" that would have been laughed at if it had come from anyone else. I'm yet to see many of them (who because they are in the business of questioning and investigating the stories of those in charge should have known better) apologize for their gullibility and their culpability in helping Bush put us into this mess.

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I remember watching a rewatching Powell's U.N presentation and wondering to myself, "Is that it? We're going to war on this?"

But all my friends and all my family and all the people I worked with seemed to see something that I did not. According to all it was "plain as day" that there was no choice. The evidence was irrefutable in their eyes. But, of course, I was a known as a "Bush Hater" amongst those who knew me. And it is a known fact that we Haters are delusional when it comes to anything Bush, right? So now, in 2008, the clouded judgment of us Haters being vindicated; and all those Woo-Hoo cheerleaders trying to keep their heads down till the end of their standard-bearer's second term, we find that many have had an epiphany. People are posturing to place themselves on the same side as the crazy fringe who looked at the administration's claims so long ago and said, "What the f@$k? Is that all there is?"

Bloodlust reigned. And to this day the words of Tom Friedman still reverberate in our ears, "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business".

Such arrogance. Such insanity. We lost our collective minds.

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